Current project on the welsh coast

One of our current projects under construction on the South coast of Wales. Stunning fragmented coastline, the sound of the waves, and on a good day, beautiful sunshine.


Visited a new project in Stockholm last week but made sure we had some free time to appreciate the city and its surroundings. The areas full of beautiful design, craft and architecture.

Barcelona weekend

Spent the weekend wandering through Barcelona. Its a beautiful city full of romantic architecture, vivid greenery and seriously good coffee on sun filled streets. It's definitely the case that you must get lost in a city to come across its secrets.

build process of our unique roof terrace planters

With the help of our two good friends, who can build pretty much anything, we ventured to create inspiring and inviting roof terrace spaces. Bringing alive professor Ben van Berkel's architectural vision for the Canaletto building of 'neighbourhood's in the sky'. We wanted to design unique organic shaped planters that withheld an understatement of luxury.

Current Project                                                                                                                             

Stunning view from one of our current projects!

BECOMING PART OF THE LANDSCAPE                                                                                        

This project was only completed in the early summer of 2015 but is already looking like it belongs.

Presenting our RHS Chelsea show garden                                                                  

Had a great evening meeting many interesting people whilst presenting our Cloudy Bay Garden in association with Vital Earth.

early march                                                                                                                                    

Spent a calm evening on foot, walking through the local landscape, capturing the fading light upon still forms.

alfresco coffee                                                                                                             

Over the past few weekends we've been constructing a sunken space, made from poured concrete and rustic oak decking. We dug the hole, poured the footing, formed the shuttering, poured the concrete, waited for it to set …………. removed the shuttering and admired the concrete, sourced the oak, cut the oak, made the frame, nailed oak to frame, admired the oak.

a snow day in the brecon beacons                                                                                   

We spent saturday roaming the Beacons capturing the blue hue of the distant forest, the leisurely strolls of the grazing animals and the pines hanging heavy under the weight of the snow.

a CONTEMPORARY twist                                                                                                               




We have been commissioned to provide this beautiful Elizabethan home with a central courtyard, combining elements of a traditional knot garden with a contemporary twist.


the lure of the ocean - A surfing road trip                                                               

In late November we embarked on a road trip down to the South West Coast of France, with our surf boards, wetsuits and pop up tents. Camping wild in the leggy pine forests and on the vast empty beaches, gazing at clear night skies and listening to waves crashing onto the constantly reformed shore. It was a beautiful escape that could only be described as 'The lure of the Ocean'.


RHS Chelsea Flower show 2015                                                                                              

2015 chelsea.jpg

We've been accepted to create a Main Show Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2015. The garden is sponsored by Cloudy Bay and Vital Earth.  It will depict key characteristics of Cloudy Bay's Pinot Noir & Savignion Blanc.


Welsh longhouse                                                                                                                           

Our current project, located in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons is set amongst windblown alder and hawthorn. The design retains a sympathetic approach that blends into the natural rustic landscape.

Chelsea Flower Show May 2014                                                                                              

Amazing to receive a Silver Gilt for our first show garden at RHS Chelsea. Its a real privilege to talk to some of the seasoned faces at the show, who obviously have great taste in worker jackets!


the queen                                                                                                                                                                       

A great honour to meet the Queen, which made this years Chelsea a very memorable occasion.